6 tips for a great About Us page

6 tips for a great About Us page
(Converse-ion, geddit? Yeah, I know.)


Last time, we looked at why a great About Us page is so important. In this blog, we’ll address how to create that outstanding About Us page.

Remember, it’s all about turning visitors into leads. Perhaps surprisingly, your About Us page is a critical part of that conversion process. It’s where potential customers, clients or donors go to find out if they can forge a bond with you and your organisation. Building emotional attachment is key to successful conversion in a modern, crowded market.

So here’s my six-point guide to building emotional attachment through a great About Us page:

1.      Know your audience

Before you start, have you asked yourself who you’re writing for? What do they do? What sort of life do they lead? How do they use your product or services? What challenges do they face?

It’s crucial to have the actual users of your site clearly defined and in your mind before you consider your About Us page. So make sure you’ve done your buyer persona research ahead of time.

2.     Tell your story

Now you can start describing your background while considering your buyer persona. Have you shared some of the same setbacks or successes? Does your career journey explain why you’re helping your customers? Whatever you write, the key word here is story. Think about how engaging your favourite page turner is, not the heavy language of the old corporate world. You don’t need to be a Brontë sister, but telling your story in a way that touches your buyer persona requires you to…

3.     Be human

Don’t be a sales director, be a human being. If your buyer persona can’t relate to or empathise with you, then your About Us page is just another coldly descriptive statement of facts. Help people care about you. Don’t forget, you’re trying to build an emotional attachment that converts leads into customers. Step out from behind the shadows and reveal something of yourself. It’s OK to confess to the odd frailty, as long as you’ve learned from it.

4.     Describe what you achieve

So you sell those business-critical widgets, or run a training company that optimises customer service, or operate a children’s charity reliant on donations. Awesome. But why should your buyer persona attach themselves to you? Because of what you tangibly achieve. Your widgets last 12% longer. Customer service teams handle 93 more calls per day. The children you support achieve more A-C passes than their peers. It’s easier to believe in results than aspirations.

5.     Don’t overcomplicate it

Describe your achievements, but do it succinctly, Pick out what your persona wants to hear, not every fact and figure. Try to avoid information or phrasing that’s solely designed to impress; you want readers to like you.

Use simple, relatable language that doesn’t bamboozle. Your business is complicated, but you should be easy to understand. I agree with Susan Greene: emotional attachment comes from engaging readers as if you were talking conversationally, face-to-face. That’s why the whole ethos of chrisparsonswrites.com is simple words for complex stories.

6.     Be About You too

Finally, although it’s an About Us page, don’t forget about your customers too. Think how you might include them in your story or ask them to interact with you. It’s a good idea to add a non-salesy call to action. Encourage people to dig a little deeper by clicking for more detail or subscribing to updates. The end of your story should be the start of your relationship.

Those are my six tips for a great About Us page that builds emotional attachment and helps you convert leads into customers.

If you’d like a free, friendly chat then please get in touch. It’ll be lovely to hear from you. In the meantime, HubSpot have collated 12 examples of engaging About Us pages to inspire your thinking. Good luck!

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