Free professional writing for charities & CICs

Free professional writing for charities & CICs

A warm welcome to all of you busting a gut to work for the good of others.

And no, by others I don’t mean shareholders. Thank you. It’s great to know there are folk out there quietly putting themselves second.

I suspect you have a To Do list as long as both your arms coupled with time and finances as limited as the British Summer is/was/will be. So, if you work for a good cause, I’ve got a hassle-free, cost-free gift for you.

When did you last look at your website, marketing or information materials critically? Did you do it professionally or did you have to squeeze it in yourself, alongside everything else?

When you’ve already got a billion other things to do, yet know it needs doing, give yourself a break and let a friendly expert spruce up your texts for free.

If you’re a charity or Community Interest Company (CIC) based in a BS or BA postcode, or you’re a friend of my LinkedIn contacts, I’ll help you refresh your existing words, or even create some new ones, for nothing.

Why? Because I bet no Account Manager ever takes you to a corporate hospitality box at Wimbledon as a thank you.

I’ll give you at least a full day of writing support for absolutely zilch, with zero obligation for any further work.

Please be aware this offer may be retracted at any time so don’t hang about; get in touch and let’s get on with it. We can have a chat and arrange a schedule to suit us both. I look forward to working for you.

The not-so-small print:

1. This offer is strictly subject to availability on a first come, first served basis. I reserve the right to withdraw it at any time. There are only so many working days in the year, right?

2. In taking up this offer, you consent to let me state on my materials and channels that I’ve worked with you. This may include, but is not limited to, an image of your logo and any work carried out on your behalf plus a link to your own website. You may be asked to provide feedback on the work as a testimonial for use.

3. The free writing support includes a minimum of a full working day’s worth of discussion, analysis and written output. Don’t worry, I’ll be generous and we’ll agree an acceptable output from the start.

4. There’s absolutely no obligation to take up any more services after the free period has ended. Although obviously that would be lovely. If we do agree more work, we’ll set the price up front. This will be my lowest possible, discounted rate for charities, dependent on volume and complexity.

5. Proof of charitable or CIC status and your organisation’s base in a BS or BA postcode (or your LinkedIn connection to me) will be required.

6. Tell your friends – this isn’t a secret!


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