New site, new branding, same awesome writer :)

New site, new branding, same awesome writer :)

Hello folks! Very excited to start using my brand new logo and website from today.

Almost 4.5 years have passed since I first registered the domain and turned freelance. Of course, I’d been writing for work for many years before that – ever since I first took work experience at local newspapers, aged 15 – but this felt a bit different.

You never quite know how these things will turn out, but this has been a terrific decision. I love my work and I’m delighted at how keeps growing.

To everyone I’ve worked with over the last 4.5 years, thank you. It’s been an honour to turn your thoughts into words.

But this is no retirement message! Please keep passing my details on to your friends, colleagues and contacts, just as you’ve been doing for years.

It’s in that spirit of continuation and renewal that I’ve at last updated the homespun logo and website I’d been using since 2014. This is a more professional look for a more professional business. I tip my hat to Graham Lawson and Andy Prior for their outstanding images and design work respectively.

Please do take a good look around the new site and drop me a line or type a message into the comments box below. Whether it’s been a week or a decade since I heard from you, it’ll be good to keep in touch.

Best wishes,


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