Why a great About Us page is so important

Why a great About Us page is so important

If your analytics are anything like mine, your About Us page is one of the most visited on your site.

Which might seem a bit irritating.

After all, you’ve spent long, lonely nights agonising over the wording and format of your product or services pages, cobbling together a paragraph or two about yourself just before your site went live.

“That’ll do.”

And yet there it is, your About Us page, unexpectedly troubling the top of your site rankings like Leicester City football club. Except not just for one season.

IMEG, AuthenticWeb, Rocketspark… they all agree just how crucial a well-written About Us page is.

But why is an About Us page so critical?

The short answer is always the same: conversion. Turning visitors into leads.

You may think your About Us page is just a tick-box exercise for a dusty corner of your website, but actually it’s one of the key places where people make decisions about whether they’re interested in what you have to offer.

Why do they make that decision here? For me, and for the sites linked above, much of the answer lies in emotional attachment.

The changing landscape of organisation-consumer relationships in a market awash with so many similar options* means that nowadays, consumers differentiate based on their emotional attachment to a business or charity. They want to invest their time or money with real people who they can relate to and care about.

The Association for Consumer Research suggests that the deeper the emotional attachment to a brand, the more likely consumers are to become their high-yielding advocates.

So does your About Us page help engage your readers’ emotions? Next time, we’ll look at how to bring that connection to writing your own About Us story.

*Trust me, I’m a freelance writer, I know all about flooded markets!

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