Hi. I’m Chris and that’s Ben.

We’re lucky enough to spend our days doing things we love. For Ben, that means a solid 16 hours dreaming about squirrels. For me, that’s helping some of the world’s biggest brands – and some of the best small independents – find their unique voices. I’ve been doing it for many years now and it’s a constant, genuine pleasure to help busy people connect with their audiences.

I hold two degrees, in Language & Communication and Environmental Studies, and stay up-to-date through further training in subjects like Creative Writing, Branding and Marketing.

I live in Bristol, an incredible city with an amazing creative energy, but use modern technology to work across the globe. I’m used to both brand guidelines and tight deadlines and I can charge per piece, per day or per project – the choice is always yours, agreed upfront and delivered to budget. If you’re a local charity, I’ll write for you for free.

When I’m not at my desk trying to juggle words, I’m probably in the kitchen trying to balance flavours.

If you’d like to chat about writing – or cooking – then I’d love to hear from you.
If you’d like to chat about squirrels, I’ll hand you to Ben.