Dense, formal and disengaging – a lot of corporate writing makes me wonder who it’s for. We can do better than that.


What you say and the way you say it helps your audience stay in love with your brand. Let’s find your unique voice.


Together, we can write stories that connect with people. I’ll translate your complex knowledge into words that engage your audience.

I write and edit:
Customer comms
Marketing materials
Corporate reports
Magazine articles
Training materials
Case studies
Research stories
Press releases
Books (ghostwriting)
Instructional texts…
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“Friendly, helpful and lovely to work with… and an expertise that I haven’t found in any other copywriter.”

Gemma Proops | Associate Director of Creative Services, Given London

“One of the best storytellers and copywriters I’ve had the pleasure of working with.”

Jeff Dodds | Managing Director, Consumer & Mobile, Virgin Media

“It has been a delight to work with Chris. He really got under the skin of our work and brought it to life.”

Rachel Roxburgh | CEO, Dallaglio RugbyWorks

“Some of the most wonderful, engaging copywriting I’ve seen in my career.”

Charlotte McGrath, Employee Communications Director, BAE Systems

“Chris is a magician. I consider myself to be super fortunate to have Chris help turn my spoken word into exceptional written word.”

Jean-Pierre De Villiers | High Performance Coach

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Good writing makes good sense.

Clear, straightforward, engaging – and cheaper than you think.

(If you’re a charity, it might not cost anything at all)

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